Centre for Longlife Education

  Ing. Jan TLUČHOŘ Ph.D.
jtluchor@kmo.zcu.cz Tel: +420377633513
Deputy Head:
   Tomáš KASÍK
Aministrative Staff:
Aministrative Staff:
   Tomáš KASÍK


- was established in 1995 in order to organise study programmes of further education,
- provides the opportunity to study the fields and subjects being taught at the faculty in form of further education (the study programmes are organized into the blocks of courses in order to help students studying part-time because of their work duties),
- organises course of further education for public,
- organises the University of Third Age in Cheb and in Aš,
- co-operates in several projects,
- offers courses for companies in the fields - economy, marketing, management, financial management, bookkeeping etc. made-to-measure for the customer,
-co-operates with partner in the region, e.g. City of Cheb, City of Aš, Regional Chamber of Commerce Cheb and also abroad,
- is open to develop activities within long life education with any kind of partners.

Further activities of CAC (SAC): Realization of staff trainings for external applicants:

-Basic accounting,
-Accounting for entrepreneurs I.,
- PC accounting for entrepreneurs (software products),
- Accounting for entrepreneurs - advanced course,
- Accounting principles in accordance with IAS/IFRS,
- Controlling in business management,
- Basic business,
- Establishment and running of the enterprise,
- Business finance,
- Tax systems,
- Audit process and auditor´s profession,
- Entrepreneurial subjects evaluation problems,
- Financial analysis and financial management,
- Information systems audit,
- EU projects effectiveness - feasibility study.


name e-mail phone (+42037763xxxx)
Tomáš KASÍK tkasik@ccv.zcu.cz 3505 (Cheb) 3018 (Plzeň)
Romana KOČVAROVÁ kocvarov@ccv.zcu.cz 3513
Ing. Jan TLUČHOŘ, Ph.D. jtluchor@kmo.zcu.cz 3366 (Cheb), 3316 (Plzeň)


    • Phone: +420377633513