Project Management



This Bachelor’s study programme prepares students for a career in management. Students learn to solve problems related to project planning, management, financing and control. Students will be prepared to continue their studies in a follow-up Master’s degree programme, or to find employment. They can work in teams or in positions that involve independent thinking and decision making.

What will I learn

Students gain both theoretical and practical insight into market economy and will be able to actively participate in the management of companies and economic and administrative bodies focused on project activities. The basic theoretical courses are followed by selective courses focused on project management, financial record keeping, project budgeting, information systems and industrial engineering. Students gain skills for work with ICT and master at least one foreign language.


What is the profile of graduates who participated in this study programme? Graduates can work in economics and management at lower and middle management levels in companies and non-profit organizations, and are able to solve problems related to project planning and project management in terms of economics. Students gain in-depth insight into market economy and actively participate in the management of companies, non-profit and other organizations, especially in departments focused on project activities. Moreover, they possess advanced knowledge and skill in project management and learn to work with project management software programmes.