Economic and Regional Geography



This study programme is focused on regional geography and economics. The aim of the study programme is to equip graduates with expert knowledge and skills necessary for work in middle and high positions in public administration institutions, companies and non-profit organizations focused on regional-economic issues, especially in the Czech-German and Czech-Austrian areas, and on dealing with cross-border relations and interactions, especially in the social, economic and environmental areas. Students are taught to solve problems creatively and independently.

What will I learn

The study programme has a multidisciplinary character and it focuses on economic-geographic, regional-geographic and economic disciplines. The study programme consists of compulsory courses on geography and economics, and on required optional courses focused on a deeper insight into geography and economics, including courses taught in foreign languages. Theory is combined with practical training.


Graduates possess broad knowledge and have mastered the principles of economic and regional geography. Thanks to expert knowledge and skills, graduates are prepared for work in the field of regional policy and development. Moreover, they can apply for doctoral programmes focused on economic, regional and social geography, and regional development.