Finance and Sustainable Development from the Perspective of Theory and Practice

  prof. Ing. Lilia Dvořáková, CSc. Tel: +420377633025


The research team "Finance and Sustainable Development from the Perspective of Theory and Practice" focuses primarily on the development of finance and financial management as a fundamental economic pillar of business, but also reflects the need to incorporate new attributes of perception of corporate success into the corporate governance, such as social and environmental factors. The main objective of the research team members is to capture new development trends in the field of finance, financial management and sustainable development. This issue is currently very actual and often discussed topic. Besides emphasizing the economic aspects, the need to take into account the impact on the environment and society arises, ie. management business success and performance in a holistic context.


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Ing. Marie ČERNÁ, Ph.D. 3205
prof. Ing. Lilia Dvořáková, CSc. 3207
Ing. Pavlína Hejduková, Ph.D. 3209
Ing. Jana HINKE, Ph.D. 3210
Ing. Zdeněk HRUŠKA, Ph.D. 3221 (Plzeň), 3630 (Cheb)
doc. Ing. Michaela KRECHOVSKÁ, Ph.D. 3211
Ing. Marie MACKOVÁ
Ing. Andrea MALÁ 3218
Ing. Lucie VALLIŠOVÁ, Ph.D. 3213


    • Phone: +420377633025