Department of Finance and Accounting

  Ing. Pavlína Hejduková, Ph.D. Tel: +420377633201
Deputy Head:
  doc. Ing. Michaela KRECHOVSKÁ Ph.D.
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Department of Finance and Accounting is specialized in teaching of wide range of subjects from areas of finance and accounting in both types of study programmes, bachelor´s degree studies and Master degree studies. Bachelor´s degree studies offer subjects like accounting 1., accounting 2., PC accounting, managerial accounting, business finances, public finances and many other subjects aimed at needs of the practice. Master degree studies offer subjects like financial management, financial audit, controlling, international accounting in accordance with IAS/IFRS and others. Facultative subjects comprise for example: basic accounting, evaluation of the enterprise, taxes, bank products and many others. Methodology of education is based on recent approaches and our graduates become professionals in business finance or public finance sector.

Members of the department ensure also specialist trainings for students and diploma (bachelor) thesis seminars. The department also provides further type of education, Ph.D. studies of Economy and management. DFA (KFU) participates in programme of lifetime education and offers two subjects for students of the University of lifetime education. Publication and research activities of members of DFA (KFU) are aimed at public finance matters, business finance matters, taxes, accounting of SME´s and medium sized enterprises, harmonization of international accounting and other matters connected with global economy. Research activities opened the ways to cooperation of DFA (KFU) with similar departments of other domestic and foreign faculties and also with many professionals from areas of finance and accounting.


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prof. Ing. Lilia Dvořáková, CSc. 3207
Associate professors
doc. Ing. Michaela KRECHOVSKÁ, Ph.D. 3211
doc. Ing. Emil VACÍK, Ph.D. 3215
Ing. Marie ČERNÁ, Ph.D. 3205
Ing. Josef ČERVENÝ, Ph.D. 3206
Ing. Pavlína Hejduková, Ph.D. 3209
Ing. Jana HINKE, Ph.D. 3210
Ing. Zdeněk HRUŠKA, Ph.D. 3221 (Plzeň), 3630 (Cheb)
Ing. Mgr. Radka SOUČKOVÁ 3216
Ing. Lucie VALLIŠOVÁ, Ph.D. 3213
Ing. Jitka ZBORKOVÁ, Ph.D. 3217
PhD. students
Ing. Adam BAJER
Ing. Mgr. Ondřej BÍBA, PhD. 3218
Ing. Daniel KNOPP
Ing. Marie MACKOVÁ
Ing. Andrea MALÁ 3218
Ing. Alena STAŇKOVÁ 3219
Ing. Helena VALENTOVÁ 3222


    • Phone: +420377633201