Department of Marketing, Trade and Services

  Ing. Jan TLUČHOŘ Ph.D. Tel: +420377633301
  Mgr. Lucie SEDLÁKOVÁ
Administrative Assistant:
   Ivana KUROVÁ
Administrative Assistant:
  Mgr. Lucie SEDLÁKOVÁ

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Provides education and activities focused on the field of marketing, trade and tourism services, i.e. courses of Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing, Management of Companies and Tourism Destinations, Marketing of Travelling and Tourism Services, Management of Spa and Hotel Industry, World Economy and International Trade, Retail Management, Customer Relationship Management, Internet Marketing, Business Negotiation, Regional Economy and Development, The courses reflect the development of world economy and trade, trade chains and the position of small and middle-sized businesses, also the need of development of tourism in the region.


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Associate professors
doc. Ing. Petr CIMLER, CSc. 3305 (Plzeň), 3355 (Cheb)
doc. PaedDr. Ludvík EGER, CSc. 3312
doc. Ing. Dagmar JAKUBÍKOVÁ, Ph.D. 3365
Ing. Dita HOMMEROVÁ, Ph.D., MBA 3307
Ing. Petr JANEČEK 3317
Ing. Lenka KRÁLOVÁ, Ph.D.
Ing. Hana KUNEŠOVÁ 3309 (UK-524), 3359 (CD-207)
Ing. Michal MIČÍK 3306
Mgr. Hana OVESLEOVÁ, Ph.D. 3320
Ing. Jan PETRTYL, Ph.D.
Ing. Jan TLUČHOŘ, Ph.D. 3366 (Cheb), 3316 (Plzeň)
Ing. Lenka ZELENKA .
PhD. students
Ing. Katarína HÁLKOVÁ 3323
Ing. Petr JANEČEK 3317
Ing. Hana KUNEŠOVÁ 3309 (UK-524), 3359 (CD-207)
Ing. Bc. Michael KUPEC
Ing. Michal MIČÍK 3306
Ing. Pavel MLNÁŘÍK
Ing. David PRANTL 3324
Ing. Karolína PTÁČKOVÁ 3325
Ing. Lenka ZELENKA .


    • Phone: +420377633301